The International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) is one of the premier research establishments in the developing world.
Its reputation for scientific research and training extends far beyond the country’s borders.ICCBS emerged from the generous support of the private sector and sustained by the government’s grants. In the last 51 years has earned major recognition from Pakistan, apart from training thousands of
young researchers from home and abroad in frontiers areas of science and technology. Now the university is giving a service opportunity to all those candidates who are in search of a job.


The university is giving a job opportunity to all candidates who are in search of job and they can apply for this post . As it is a good opportunity for all candidates. So they can apply for this post.

Institutional development is an ongoing process without which scientific establishments cannot sustain the rigor and quality of frontier research. Research Institute of Chemistry during the last five decades has achieved a number of milestones and remains at the pinnacle of excellence and sustained growth.


The main areas of research and development and training of students include natural product chemistry, protein chemistry, pharmacology, computational medicinal chemistry and plant biotechnology. The analytical, spectroscopic, computational and other facilities present in the institute are at par with any good Institution in the world. The Institute also houses an Industrial Analytical Center, which is providing analytical and consultancy services to over 350 industries in Pakistan annually. 

The areas of research covered in the programs of the Institute broadly relate to isolation, structural, synthetic, and pharmacological studies on novel natural products as well as various aspects of protein chemistry. In order to ensure international standards, the doctorate degrees are awarded to students of the Institute on the recommendations of two eminent scientists from abroad after their assessment of the doctoral dissertations referred to them.


All candidates are invited to apply for this job as it is a good opportunity for all candidates who are aspirant for the job. The university is giving a good salary with good facilities. All candidates who have will can apply for this post. The university is giving a service opportunity to all candidates.