Notification of Closing all Institutions in Pakistan

The Supreme Court of Pakistan issued the notification no. P.Reg.259/2017-SCJ on 26th March 2020 at Islamabad. This notification is about closing all institutions in Pakistan. However, people must know the current situation of Pakistan. The Corona Virus is affected more than 1000 people and few dies. So, the Supreme Court of Pakistan issued the order of Closing all institutions in Pakistan as a safety precaution. So, more details are as below;


In order to deal with difficulties faced by Litigants who are hampered in filing suits, applications, petitions and appeals, etc before various legal fora provided by laws, on account of partial/ complete Lockdown announced by the Federal/ Provincial Governments, by reason of spread of Pandemic Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) in different parts of the country.

WHEREAS the Supreme Court of Pakistan including its Institution Branches are functioning all over the country while observing various safety protocols.

AND WHEREAS on account of curtailment of movement and non-availability/ scarcity of means of transportation, It is difficult for litigants to file suits, applications, petitions and appeals etc, for reason beyond their control.

AND WHEREAS it is expedient to facilitate the filing of suits, applications, petitions and appeals, etc. before the fora provided by various laws.

NOW THEREFORE in the exercise of powers available under Article 191 of the COnstitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 read with Order II Rule I and Order XXXIII Rules 1,3,4 & 6 of the Supreme Court Rules, 1980 it is hereby notified as follows;

  • For the purposes of Section 4 of the Limitation Act 1908 (“the Act“), for the purpose of calculation of the period of limitation, provided under the Act or any other law, the institution Branch of this Court, at the Principal Seat and the Branch Registries, shall be deemed to be closed from 22-03-2020 till 21-04-2020 (unless withdrawn earlier), for those litigants who are unable to approach this Court on account of the Lockdown announced by the Federal/ Provincial Governments.
  • Notwithstanding the above, there shall be no bar on the filing of applications, petitions and appeals, etc, within the statutory period of limitation.

This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

By order of HCJP
Khawaja Daud Ahmad

The Manager
Printing Corporation of Pakistan Press,
University Road,

Copy Forwarded To:

Copy to;

  • Secretary Law, Justice & Human Rights Division, Islamabad.
  • The Attorney General for Pakistan, Islamabad.
  • The Advocate General, Punjab, Lahore.
  • The Advocate General, Sindh, Karachi.
  • The Advocate General, KPK, Peshawar.
  • The Advicate General, Balochistan, Quetta.
  • All Officers/ Officials at Principal Seat, Islamabad.
  • Branch Registries of the Supreme Court, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar & Quetta.
  • Notification file.
  • Office Order file.
  • Notice Board.

Safety Measures on Emergent Basis.
Payments of Salary & Pension.

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