Notification about Conducting of Exam according to SOPs

The Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan the Office of the Controller of Examinations issued the notification no. 558-81/GU/Exam on 9th June 2020 at DI Khan. This notification is about the Conducting of Exam according to SOPs issued by the Government. Moreover, as HEC gives proper SOPs to all the Universities and Educational Institutions to take examinations when the time comes. Furthermore, most universities take exams online on their websites through the Learning Management System. Therefore, the Conducting of Exam according to SOPs and their required details are as below;


All incharge of
Distance Education Study Centers for
Gomal University DI Khan.


Conducting of Exam Accoridng to COVID-19 SOPSs issued by the Government.


It is to inform you that exam section wants to conduct the exam of DIstance Education Study Centers near about end of this month.

It is, therefore, sends your written suggestion about conducting the exam that you will be in a position to arrange the students according to COVID-19 SOPs issued by the Government.

The matter is most urgent.
Over Loading of Electricity.

Copy Forwarded To:

Copy of the above information is forwarded to the;

  • The Controller of Examinations, GU. DIK (for information)
  • Deputy Registrar Affiliation, Gomal University DI Khan.
  • The Secretary to Vice-Chancellor, GU. DIK.

Deputy Controller Examinations (Conduct)
Gomal University DI Khan

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