Jobs going to disappear

Although the future may seem exciting and bright to some, many individuals still run the danger of losing their employment since their fields may eventually become obsolete. Are you preparing a career plan? selecting the college for which to apply? or simply curious about your future career prospects? Read this article so you won’t need to change careers in a few years and can make the most of all the options at hand. According to a University of Oxford research, technology will completely or partially eliminate 45% of vocations during the next ten years. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the main economic sectors and industries that will experience significant change over the course of the next ten years and beyond.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology predicts that driverless vehicles will be driving on American roadways over the next five to ten years. Cabs, public transportation, and private vehicles will all lose their drivers. To test these cars, the states have already constructed a fictitious city.
Road accidents, transportation delays, and other issues that people currently experience will no longer exist in the future. Although drivers won’t be operating the vehicles any more, they will still require maintenance, and individuals who enjoy driving are typically skilled in repairs.


Cashiers are anticipated to be the first ones to lose their employment. We’ve undoubtedly all seen self-checkout counters with a mob of people around them, and the act of shopping will soon be completely automated. The technology in supermarkets is still developing. One of the often used applications of artificial intelligence in business. As a result, Amazon Go has created a number of storefronts where you can just go, choose your things, and have the money deducted from your bank card. Robotic cashiers will be able to operate nonstop without displaying any emotions or symptoms of weariness.


Today, without the help of many people, it is feasible to construct a house in 24 hours utilizing 3D technology. Given this, it should come as no surprise that being a builder will soon be a thing of the past.

Travel Agents

The majority of banking activities can be carried out online, while ATMs may be used to withdraw cash. Even now, the only customers who require the services of bank staff are those who are unable to adopt modern technology. The travel sector fits this description as well. Without the assistance of a travel agency, you may independently purchase a flight ticket and reserve a hotel stay.
You can currently submit a loan application online if you have loan-related concerns. And in the future, a bank decision will be sent to you promptly while a computer checks the client’s credibility by comparing our computer to databases.

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