how to become a General Physician in Pakistan

A general practitioner, sometimes known as a GP, is a medical professional who focuses on a variety of illnesses that impact the body but don’t typically call for surgery as a main therapy. When a patient has a difficult, serious, or uncommon medical condition, they treat them and keep in touch with them until the problem is fixed or stabilized. Although the majority of general practitioners also visit patients in their offices, the majority of their work is done with hospitalized patients.
The wide variety of specialization that general physicians possess sets them apart from other specialists. Other specialists restrict their scope of practice to illnesses affecting just one organ system or one particular field of medicine.

Pathway to Become a General Physician in Pakistan

graduating from high school

The education received, including the O levels or Matriculation, is referred to here. Being a general physician requires majoring in biology because medical school principles are founded on the physiology and anatomy of the human body. Choosing biology for your matric or O levels will provide you a fundamental grasp of how the human body functions.

Intermediate in Pre Medical

Pre-medical or scientific (Chemistry/Biology) disciplines are necessary for FSc. This is essential since only those who have attained this qualification are accepted by universities and institutions that grant the MBBS degree. You should put forth a lot of effort and earn a good score (at least 80%) throughout your intermediate studies because there is often a lot of demand for this degree due to how strong the healthcare industry is in this area.

A five-year medical college program

The five years of medical school are the real mountain to conquer after the MDCAT. Even though it may seem frightening, hundreds of students graduate from numerous medical colleges each year. However, studying medicine takes a lot of time and work.

 Specialization Exams

A specialization test is taken by people who desire to specialize in a certain area, such as surgery, pediatrics, or obstetrics.

Other Professions.

Doctors in Pakistan have several work options, especially those who specialize. Furthermore, your chances of finding a high-paying medical position significantly rise if you specialize in a reputed teaching hospital abroad. In addition to working in Pakistan, Pakistani physicians can also work in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. General physicians may also pursue the following careers:

  • lecturer
  • managerial role in a hospital
  • technological role

Pay for general practitioners

A recent Pakistani law mandates that postgraduate doctors who work from home shall be compensated between Rs.18,000 and Rs.50,000 per month. Additionally, they get monthly health benefits that range from Rs.2000 to Rs.45,000. With more years of expertise, specialized doctors earn more money, and skilled surgeons can bill very high prices.

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