How to be a Daraz seller

Do you wish to maximize your small or medium-sized business by working more from home? By joining Daraz as a seller, you have a fantastic opportunity to sell products online in Pakistan and restart your business.

Daraz, the largest online marketplace in South Asia, with more than 100 categories and 20 million items available there. In addition to serving as a virtual marketplace for hundreds of thousands of buyers, it also enables millions of vendors to reach a global audience with their goods.
Daraz is the platform you should use to promote and sell your goods if you’re a potential vendor with a good idea for a side hustle. Here are some tips for using Daraz to establish a reliable business:

Making a Daraz Seller Account

Go to and click ‘Sign Up’ in the upper right corner of the page or select ‘Sell on Daraz’ to start selling your goods there. The qualities that each choice offers are described in a collection of sentences. You’ll be able to categorise the goods you wish to sell on Daraz as a result. Choose the one that best meets your demands after carefully reading those. Here is a summary to give you a quick overview of what each choice has to offer:
Selling on DarazMall If you have a business license or manage a registered firm, this is your best choice.
Local Seller: This option is best for vendors without a license.

Global Seller: If you want to expand the market for your goods outside of Pakistan and you run a successful company, this is your best option.
Digital Good Seller: This is the best option for people who wish to offer digital goods.

Updating Your Account with Products

You can move on to the following stage once you have validated the email address and phone number you previously supplied. Give as much information as you can about your goods in order to sell it on Daraz. Here is where you may carry it out.
Your dashboard, where you may add the items you want to sell, will be routed to you.
Select “Products” and hover your cursor over it. The ‘Add products’ option may be found. To continue and enter the details, select the choice.

Getting Your Products Promoted on Daraz

Although the website inherently advertises your items, it is always advisable to sell your product in addition to make it stand out from the competition. In addition to making it simpler to sell your goods on Daraz, personal marketing will help you establish yourself as a merchant. You may achieve this in a variety of ways, such as by producing a blog post that highlights the unique qualities of your product, developing and advertising it on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, etc., and targeting the appropriate demographic.

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