Focusing Preventive Precautionary Measures Notification Issued

The Help Desk COVID-19 of Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan issued the notification no. Ref: 03/HD/GU/ 20 on 14th November 2020 at Peshawar. This notification is about the focusing preventive precautionary measures to protect the University environment as well as the betterment & Health of students and Teachers.

However, the Help Desk of COVID-19 gives proper instructions in the light of SOPs given by the Government of Pakistan. Also, people are followed by University to strictly implemented preventive measures. As we all know this virus is very harmful for our lives and hundreds of people are suffering mostly deaths due to this. So, we have chance to follow instructions to protect themselves from this killing virus. Furthermore, the details of notification are as below;

Details about Focusing Preventive Precautionary Measures:

Due to current wave of Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID-19), report of District Health Officer vide notification number 15482-84 /C-4 dated 13/11/2020 and focusing preventive and precautionary measures, the vice chancellor, Gomal University has been pleased to announce closure of University for academic activities as per following schedule.

  • The ongoing classes of students will e off for 15 days with effect from Sunday 15-11-2020.
  • As notified earlier, the schedule of the remaining students will remain intact.

Moreover, the notified examinations will continue as per schedule. The decision has been taken focusing health of the students.

This issue with the approval of the competent authority.
Transfer of Deputy DEOs.
Nominate new Director of Excise.


Dr. Zahid Rasul Niazii
Provost/ Focal Person COVID-19 Help Desk
Gomal University, DI Khan

Copy Forwarded To:

  • PA to Vice Chancellor.
  • District Health Officer, DI Khan.
  • DC, DI Khan.
  • Registrar, Gomal University, DI Khan.
  • Deans/ HoDs Gomal University, DI Khan.
  • Provost Section.
  • Security Officer.

Dr. Zahid Rasul Niazii
Provost/ Focal Person COVID-19 Help Desk
Gomal University, DI Khan

Focusing Preventive Precautionary Measures