Doctor as a career

Many people have the desire of becoming doctors. Although “I want to be a doctor” is a common aspiration, individual medical aspirants have diverse motivations for pursuing this career. Others just view it as a fantastic business opportunity and a sign of success. Some people desire to deliver healthcare services to the underprivileged; others wish to offer medical services in neglected and rural areas.
Well, congrats if you made the decision to become doctor for a worthy cause. If you are a student unsure about pursuing a doctor of medicine and intimidated by the inquiry “why do you desire to become a doctor?” you have arrived at the proper location.
For oneself and all other learners who are about to make a professional decision or who are having a hard time deciding what they’ll do with their job life,

The system wants skilled doctors: People anticipate young people like you adopting this great profession, becoming physicians, providing the healthcare they require, and improving the world since there aren’t nearly enough doctors in the world.
The World Health Organization (WHO) projected that there was a global shortfall of 4.3 million physicians and other healthcare workers in 2006, and since that time, the market for medical professionals has not materialized at a time when there is an adequate supply.
The WHO recommends a doctor to patient ratio of 1 to 1000. But thus far, very few nations have been able to sustain that modest ratio.

A very small number of developed nations, such as Australia, the United States, France, and Germany, have the privilege of possessing as much doctors than the minimum number that is advised. Developing nations, such as India and underdeveloped nations, such as Pakistan, are somewhat closer to meeting the recommended amount of physicians and must increase their numbers in order to achieve the goal of universal healthcare.

International esteem and financial security:

Although respect and job stability shouldn’t be the primary driving forces behind choosing a profession in medicine, they are positive aspects of becoming a doctor. Once you become a doctor, your job security is guaranteed and you are protected in every manner.
Ever come across a physician without a job? Without a doubt, no, as it is just not feasible. Due to the shortage of medical experts, demand for physicians is constantly strong. Being a doctor therefore offers you greater employment security than any other occupation.
The medical field has the highest level of esteem worldwide. As a doctor, you should conduct yourself with respect and decency wherever you work.

There are perhaps millions of reasons beyond those mentioned here to seek a profession in science and become a doctor. However, your own calling is the most crucial factor. The road to becoming a doctor is certainly not an easy one, therefore if you want to take it, you must have the internal drive and unwavering determination to pursue a profession in medicine.

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