Army Doctor after FSC in Pakistan

You have come to the correct site if you completed your FSC with high grades and are seeking for an Army Doctor position after graduation. Many people are eager to have a medical connection with the Pakistani Army. The most impactful work for a nation’s young is joining the military and contributing to the country in any way that is possible. For many medical students, AMC is their ideal university.
The Pakistani young are most interested in joining the army as doctors, but the majority of them are uninformed of the process by which they may do so. Therefore, we will provide all the knowledge needed to train to be a doctor in the Army.

Army Medical College (AMC) was founded in 1977 to provide elected cadets with undergraduate medical education. AMC College was once associated with Islamabad’s Quaid-e-Azam University. Later, it was connected to NUST from 1998 to 2015. It now has a relationship with NUMS. The HEC of Pakistan has recommended NUMS, a university for the Pakistan Army Medical Corps.

Army physician following FSC in Pakistan

Army Medical College Rawalpindi or CMH Lahore Medical College’s 5-year MBBS program.

Army Medical College Rawalpindi offers a 4-year BDS program.

ONLINE Military Enrollment Post FSC

If we talk about the registration process, both online and offline methods are used. Visit the Pakistan Army website’s official page to register online. On the day of the exam, the candidate must present a computerized roll number slip and pay the prospectus fee. Dates and locations for tests are never altered.
AS & RCs
These are CENTRES FOR ARMY SELECTION AND RECRUITMENT. The candidate should bring the necessary paperwork to the closest selection facility to receive a roll number slip. On the day of the exam, bring the roll number slip and the necessary paperwork.

Dental Essentials

Both civilians and families from the armed forces may apply for NC (NUMS) cadets. The applicant must take the entrance exam for the National University of Medical Sciences. Final process will be made on an aggregate of SSC 10%, HSSC 40%, and NUMS Test 50%.]
A number of ideas concerning becoming a doctor in the Pakistani Army have been attempted to be clarified. Please let us know if you have any questions about entering the Pakistani Army as a doctor so that we can clarify. Good luck to everyone who wants to join the Pakistani military. You are making the best decision for yourself and your nation.

Weight and Visual Criteria

It must be in accordance with the requirements for an Army commission.
The candidate must not be already married when they are admitted.
Notably, AMC also enrolls female cadets, enabling them to enlist in the Pakistani army as lady cadets following FSC.

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